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Flysight is designed by Bionic Avionics.
Official support for example via Facebook page or via official homepage support. This here is just a user page.

config files

Here in the config-section you can find a Starterpack.
[You will need to have one of the latest (beta) firmwares installed! (v20170405, v20170719, or newer...)

12 selectable configurations:
alarms only
PPC time
PPC distance
PPC speed
WOWS distance NEW!
WOWS speed NEW!
10hz logging

2 alternative PPC-pakets NEW!

1 alternative WOWS-paketNEW!


"Note: The FlySight ´firmware` can be updated using ´macOS`, Windows XP or Windows 7, but unfortunately not using Windows 8 [and 10]. It is possible to fix this problem, but it requires a hardware programmer which most users won't have. (...)" (source)

Michael has send me a Flysight Programmer v1.2 (Thanks!), so that I am able to perform the bootloaderupdate.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via or

links: links:

*** = links to not officially released versions. - (last updated 20171119)

flysight speaker:

the best speaker (3d printed case) is available from, google it and write Kaj an email.
no more fumbling around with earplugs! (louder than most of the on the market available helmetspeakers!)

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